Women’s Health UK (Issue 28 – November)


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Total body shred: torch KGs & inches in 28 days flat – Should your GP give you weed? – Do this now: get better skin by tonight – Bye 5:2?: next-gen fasting is here – 94 pieces of fit kit you’d burpee for! – Recipes galore: power salads, smoothie bowls, paleo muffins and detox teas – Abbey Clancy: silence her skinny shamers

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Women’s Health is the first UK lifestyle magazine to bring you the best in health, beauty, fashion, weight loss, fitness, nutrition, celebrity, love and sex, all wrapped up in one super glossy lifestyle title. Think of her as the girl who has it all – but isn’t afraid to share it.And of course, like all nice girls, you’ll never want her to leave your side. We promise.

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