Koel Magazine (04-2017)


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For interiors: Crochet Knitting – Latch Hooking – Macremé – Needlework – Weaving

Darker moods, shedding light on gloomy colors – Our new hand dyed yarns!, get your KOEL weaving kit – Winter stills, bring out your inner artist

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Een zeer fraai vormgegeven Engelstalig hobby magazine voor moderne interieurs, voorzien van vele patronen. Haken, breien, macramé, naaien, weven.Yarn crafting for Modern interiors. Crochet, knitting, Latch Hooking, Macramé, Neelework, Weaving. KOEL Magazine is a quarterly print magazine that celebrates crafting with yarns to create a stylish home. In KOEL, you’ll find everything there’s to know about contemporary crochet, knitting, weaving,  latch hooking, needle work and macramé – new tools, yarns, interiors, trends, supplies and many, many patterns! We are very passionate about growing the yarn community, encouraging readers from all corners of the world to embrace yarn crafting.

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